not as easy as it seems

Hey readers, by reading my blog I hope I have helped you, But in this blog I am bringing attention to the people who are not able to purchase nice clothes or those nice brand name shiny business shoes you have or even a good looking tie. These people are not as privileged as you and I, but there are places where you may go and helped those under privileged people by donating a nice collared shirt or anything you think would help these people get back in to the workforce. Places like United Samaritan Foundation of Turlock, a place where I just recently went to and donated 5 of my best collared button up shirts. When I walked in the people there seemed a little depressed but as soon as I said I came to donate my shirts that brought a smile to their face and they were happy and thankful for me and after I left I felt great and like I made a difference in someone’s life. So I am asking even if you have a shirt you know you won’t wear or you just feel like You want to make a difference go to the nearest foundation and donate and donate a nice suit or shiny shoes or even a tie, because even something as small as a nice tie may change someone’s future for the better. If you need help finding a foundation near you may visit these sights.


proper etiquette at company banquets

Now that you got the job and you feel successful now you must know the proper manners at special company events. Say your company has just invited you to a special event with food, drinks, and music. This is normally a way of companies to get there employees to know each other and feel comfortable around their coworkers. These are my 5 tips on how you should act in this situation.


1.) Always attend if you do not attend it shows huge disrespect and you might not be invited to the next event.


2.) Be on time if you are on time or even early this shows that you are punctual and that you care about your job.


3.) Do not get intoxicated and if you see another employee who is or is on the verge of embarrassing themselves before the boss you may want to steer them clear from embarrassment.


4.) Turn your cell phone off and wait to make calls after the event.


5.) Do not dress sloppy dress pressed fit and like you enjoy every one around you.


If you need a few more tips you may follow these links they can be very helpful.


Hope my tips and links have helped and again stay classy readers.


dress you resume for success

When you think of dressing for success most people just think that only means physical appearance but to be successful you must think outside the box and in today’s blog update I will give you 5 tips on how to dress your resume for success.


1.) When typing your essay use normal (size 12 Times New Roman font) font sizes and style, so it is easy for hiring managers to read your resume.


2.) Place all contact information on your resume to make it easy for the employer to get back to you.


3.) Do not lie on your resume, for one you are only hurting yourself and there without a doubt the truth will come out even if you do get hired, eventually you will have to prove everything on your resume.


4.)  Prioritize you resume from the best things about you to the good things about you (there should not be bad things about you).


5.) For every employer write a custom resume sure it may take some time but you can customize the resume to show off your key aspects that you believe will make you shine brighter than all the other applicants.


There are my 5 tips if you need a few more tips follow this link

till next time readers stay classy.Image

“Dress as you want to be seen”

Dress as you want to be seen. What I mean by this is when you walk in to say an interview  you have a perception of how you want these people to see you. If you dress in jeans and a wrinkled T-shirt there is no way you can make your self believe that you are professional and really want this job. dress how you percieve yourself as a professional pressed button up shirt, shiny black shoes, nice hair cut, and  a nice tie just for example. If you need more examples follow the link below it is a renowned website known world wide.