not as easy as it seems

Hey readers, by reading my blog I hope I have helped you, But in this blog I am bringing attention to the people who are not able to purchase nice clothes or those nice brand name shiny business shoes you have or even a good looking tie. These people are not as privileged as you and I, but there are places where you may go and helped those under privileged people by donating a nice collared shirt or anything you think would help these people get back in to the workforce. Places like United Samaritan Foundation of Turlock, a place where I just recently went to and donated 5 of my best collared button up shirts. When I walked in the people there seemed a little depressed but as soon as I said I came to donate my shirts that brought a smile to their face and they were happy and thankful for me and after I left I felt great and like I made a difference in someone’s life. So I am asking even if you have a shirt you know you won’t wear or you just feel like You want to make a difference go to the nearest foundation and donate and donate a nice suit or shiny shoes or even a tie, because even something as small as a nice tie may change someone’s future for the better. If you need help finding a foundation near you may visit these sights.


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